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Vacant Lot Insurance

$225 up to 750 acres  |  $0.40 per acre for 751+ acres
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Annual Total Price

“This is the best company that I have worked with! Very professional and I have never had a problem. Thank you so much for all you do!”

– Brian Montgomery (PA)

ALA has given me the peace of mind I’ve always wanted, being an absentee landowner. I don’t have to worry as much anymore with my Vacant Land policy!

– Sandy Simmons (CO)

It took maybe 5 minutes to purchase my Vacant Land policy. There were no tricks or hidden fees. It was just exactly what they said it was. Thank You!

– Matt Harrison (AZ)

“This is exactly what I need for my property. I own 345 acres of vacant land in Alabama and a full year’s coverage was only $225. You can’t beat that!”

– David Carmicheal (AL)

Why You Need Vacant Land Insurance

Do you own property that is vacant or undeveloped? You may be left open to unnecessary risks and liability. It doesn’t matter if the guest was invited, or a trespasser. If someone gets injured on your property or vacant land, and pursues legal action, you could be forced to pay legal fees and medical bills.

Learn why we’re the preferred choice for Vacant Land liability coverage by hunters, hunt clubs and landowners!

  • Protection from trespassers

  • Protection from invited guests

  • Allowed up to 7 landowners on policy

  • $1 million per occurrence

  • $2 million aggregate

  • Rated A Excellent by A.M. Best

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