Earn Additional Income From Your Land

On average, Base Camp Leasing landowners earn $17,000 to $25,000 + over 5 years. Earn more money from your land with Base Camp Leasing.
  • Annual payments that grow 5% every year

  • Reduce risk with $5 million liability coverage

  • Full-service offering, no marketing or legal costs on your part

  • Reduce crop damage and deter trespassing

Why Base Camp Leasing
Farm Owners  •  Timber Investors  •  Absentee Landowners

Many landowners are realizing the value of leasing hunting rights to their huntable land for an additional income stream and property security. Don’t rule out your land because you might think it’s not an optimum hunting lease, simply contact the #1 Hunting Lease Company in America, Base Camp Leasing to find out how to Make More Money From Your Land. You’ll be surprised to learn the monetary return that your property may hold for hunting.

Base Camp Leasing brings much more experience and benefits than other hunting lease companies. Our leasing agents have the hunting and agriculture experience to arrange these mutually beneficial agreements. Each property will be physically inspected, leaving you with a recommended lease value. Some of the benefits of using Base Camp Leasing are listed below. They treat our landowners’ property with the utmost respect, and our hunters who lease property through Base Camp Leasing are held to those same high standards.

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The value of the property depends on many variables. Just a few are: What State, what County, how much timber and cover, access, quality of game, neighboring properties, livestock on property, demand etc.

No, free to landowners that lease their property through Base Camp.

Yes, if there is species you do not want the hunters to hunt we can make this an amendment. However, this may change the value of the lease.

If Base Camp leases the property you will need to provide a 60 day notice to exit the program and wait until the hunting lease expires. If the property hasn’t leased in the first 120 days, you may exit immediately with written notice.

It is the Hunter’s responsibility to post the property if they wish. If someone gets caught trespassing the hunters have the right within the lease to press charges.

The landowner receives 75% of what the property leases for. Base Camp Leasing retains 25% commission.

Yes, your normal farming practices are allowed.

Once Base Camp finds the hunters to commit to the property and they have finalized with a contract and payment.

Why Hunters Love Base Camp Leasing

A hunting lease is the best way to secure long term, exclusive access to private land for you, your family and/or your hunting buddies. Leases are a great alternative to expensive guided hunts and the uncontrollable issues faced when using hunting outfitters. Compared to a guided hunt you have the flexibility to hunt based on your schedule and the confidence knowing someone else hasn’t hunted there before you. Scout the lease year-round in person, use trail cameras and strategically set up your stands and blinds wherever you want.

  • Get exclusive access to private land without buying it

  • Put your boots on the ground prior to leasing

  • Manage for older age class trophy deer

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