Frequently Asked Questions

I just purchased a vacant lot and won’t be building for a few years, will this policy cover me?2021-10-06T18:32:27+00:00

We sell a lot of policies to people planning an upcoming build.

Does this property cover hunting?2021-10-06T18:31:56+00:00

Only if you are allowing friends and family to hunt. If you are leasing the property, it will not cover you because it is considered a commercial operation.

There is no property address; is that a problem?2021-10-06T18:31:39+00:00

No. We can use a Tax Number, Legal Description or other location information.

How long does the purchase process take?2021-10-06T18:31:22+00:00

5 to 10 minutes by phone or online.

I don’t own the property yet, can I purchase ahead of time?2021-10-06T18:31:05+00:00


I own land in 2 different states, can they be covered under 1 policy?2021-10-06T18:23:27+00:00

Yes, as long as they are deeded the same.

I own multiple tracts of land, do I need a policy per tract?2021-10-06T18:23:05+00:00

Not necessarily.  You can combine multiple tracts if they are deeded in the same name.

Am I covered if someone gets injured on my property?2021-10-06T18:22:19+00:00

It would cover your legal costs and provide coverage if you are found negligent/liable for someone’s injuries and they are not there for a commercial activity.

Can a bank or mortgage company be added as an additional insured?2021-10-06T18:21:26+00:00


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