Being a landowner is a lifestyle that is both extremely rewarding, as well as difficult. One of the more difficult aspects being predator control. More specifically, coyote control.

Unlike most predators, coyotes posses the unique trait of extreme adaptability. Able to change their eating and hunting habitats to form to whatever environment they find themselves in. Which is a huge problem if the environment they have found themselves in, belongs to you. At Base Camp Leasing, we all live the outdoor lifestyle, which is why we created this blog to help our landowners deal with one of the biggest problems in rural land.

Damages Caused

The first and most obvious threat of coyotes on rural land, is how they can affect your hunting. As mentioned, coyotes will eat almost anything. That includes deer, and especially deer fawn. If coyotes are on your property and consistently killing deer fawn, you are at risk of seeing your deer population diminish at an alarming rate.

You also run the risk of losing a majority of your small game hunting. From squirrels and rabbits to pheasants and turkeys, the dog like predators will hunt anything you do.

Outside of coyotes diminishing your chances in hunting your land. If you have any amount of crops or even a small garden, coyotes pose a massive threat to those as well. Livestock will suffer at the hands of coyotes, even animals as large as cattle can be at risk. Potentially costing you valuable time, money and resources. Pet owners are also at a massive risk. With coyotes commonly killing any sort of domesticated animal that it comes across.

Coyote Control

When initially thinking of eradicating your coyote population keep in mind that coyotes are on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Endangered Species List as “Least Concern” with their numbers constantly going up. You are not ¬†going to solve a coyote problem with just one big hunt or trapping session. If you are land is free of coyotes, other ones will eventually move back in. Which is why it is so important to practice coyote control on a yearly schedule. Methods include:

  • Shooting
  • Calling
  • DIY or professional trapping using leg holds and snares

Spring is usually the optimal time for coyote control. As well as right before the typical time when fawns are born. Helping to keep their numbers growing while also keeping the number of coyotes in check.

Final Thoughts

Coyotes are an elusive predator that can cause far more damage to your hunting seasons and property than typically thought off. Their persistance to survive and fast breeding number make them a serious risk for hunters and land owners alike. Take control of your land and your season this year by practicing safe and effective coyote control