Hunting Leases on Cattle Ranches

Agricultural producers understand the value of investment, of hard work, and of the return on both of those attributes. All across the agricultural lands of this great nation are working ranches producing safe, quality beef for consumers. These operations require huge investments in land resources, not only for the cattle themselves, but for the production of winter forage as well. Beef production operations require large spaces, good water, and quality forage to operate. Those same characteristics and assets create an ideal environment for wildlife. Whether you manage a cow / calf operation, a calf grower operation, or a backgrounding yard; chances are there is an abundant wildlife resource utilizing your managed acreage. What about allowing hunting leases on cattle ranches?

The same rugged pasture country that grows strong viable beef also makes an ideal habitat for whitetail deer. Timber lined creeks and drainages that shelter cattle also form important travel corridors and bedding areas for deer and other wildlife. Forage and feed fields in ranch country are valuable sources of nutrition and protein for game animals as well. It is no surprise that quality ranches produce quality bucks year after year. Ranch country is a perfect environment for wildlife game animals like whitetail deer, wild turkey, upland birds, and waterfowl.

Untapped Income Ideas for Cattle Ranches

Successful ranching is an investment-heavy endeavor. Commodities like land, equipment, fuel, hay forages, protein supplements, and the cattle themselves are large expenditures. Making an operation work during both the abundant and lean years is an art that takes strategic planning. Outside factors such as precipitation, grain prices, and the cattle market can be unpredictable and have massive impacts on your bottom line. Ranchers are well aware of the need to capitalize on every income stream the ranch can produce. One of those income streams, perhaps unrealized or underutilized is leasing hunting rights on the property.

The ideal conditions in ranch country that grow impressive wildlife are the same conditions that can provide a steady and predictable income stream for the ranch. Sportsmen and women nationwide are searching for private land, quality properties that provide recreational hunting. Many hunters are ready and willing to make an investment to access those quality properties. Hunters invest in equipment and tools, they take time off of work, are willing to travel; all for an opportunity to spend time in rough rugged country and have an encounter with unpressured wildlife.

Monetizing the natural resource of wildlife on your ranching property makes perfect sense. Not only are you provided with a predictable and stable income stream; but you are able to facilitate the trip of a lifetime for a passionate hunter, provide a family tradition for a young person, and make available to share the ranch lands you love to individuals that share a passion for your property and recognize its value. That mutual recognition of value makes it possible for ranches to secure revenues based on wildlife value.

You Don’t Have to be a Hunting Outfitter

Executing a hunting lease doesn’t require a lot of hassle or added work. Strategic partners like Basecamp Leasing Inc. are experts at working through the details to help you make the most of your lease opportunity. Leasing your ranch property doesn’t mean you are required to act as an outfitter. Property leasing isn’t the same as selling a guided hunt.

Hunters looking to make an investment in leasing a ranch property are serious about keeping the pressure on wildlife light. It’s in the hunter’s best interest to tread lightly on the land, and care for the wildlife resource. A hunting lease partner not only provides income for the ranch, but can develop into a partnership with a common goal of stewardship for the land in mind. Hunters willing to make the investment in a hunting lease are investing more than just money, they are investing their time to scout, attract wildlife, and prepare for season.

As The Landowner, You Have Options

Maybe you are interested staring a hunting lease on your cattle ranch only for deer season. Perhaps there are other wildlife species on your ranch that can provide hunting opportunities. Maybe you only want to lease a portion of the ranch. All of these factors can be addressed and defined in a legal lease agreement.

Options to Consider

  • Leasing only for deer season. Whitetail deer are the number one most pursued big game animal in the United States. Tough and rugged ranch lands produce amazing whitetail bucks year after year. Whitetail deer leases have the greatest potential for revenue. If a limited lease is ideal for you, leasing for only whitetail deer makes the most sense.
  • Partial ranch lease. Does your ranch have summer grazing lands that are vacant in the fall and winter? Do you produce alfalfa, or corn on the ranch to supplement beef production? During the fallow months of fall and winter those lands are critical for wildlife and provide the perfect scenario for a partial hunting lease. Leasing only the ranch lands that are not in direct production during hunting season is a terrific option. 
  • Annual lease for multiple opportunities. Whitetails maybe the most popularly hunted big game in America, but it is by far not the only hunt pursued. Quality ranch lands can provide multiple hunting opportunities and species to make a lease more appealing and valuable. Wild turkeys, upland quail or pheasants, predator hunting, and waterfowl hunts are all important opportunities of added value that can make a hunting lease more appealing and profitable.


Liability and Legal Stipulations

A hunting lease is a legal agreement between two parties, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. Trusted partners like Base Camp Leasing Inc are familiar with the ins and outs of legal documentation and liability concerns when it comes to hunting leases. Contracts can be customized to meet the needs of the ranch, and the needs of the hunter.

Finding Hunting Partners

The same service provider that helps you with legal contracts and liability can also help match you with the right hunter. Firms like Base Camp Leasing Inc work to partner farm and ranch lands available for lease with the right hunter looking to make an investment.

It’s Your Call

The wildlife on your ranch is a valuable resource, and capitalizing on that resource is a real opportunity. There are plenty of options when it comes to working out a hunting lease on your property. Reach out to a partner like Base Camp Leasing Inc to decide if leasing your ranch for hunting is the right way to add stable income to your bottom line.